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Date Posted - October 1, 2019

As owner of Global Surf Network I invite you to visit my longtime surfing friend's website that will be posted below for new visitors and those that knew him over the years.

We surfed together for over 50 years and recently he moved to Hawaii a few years back and we stayed in touch but over a year ago he has been reported as missing and no one has heard from him and we all fear the worst.

I have other friends that are living in Hawaii that have reached out to help us but no one has found any information in over a year.

His website was shutdown as well as his email and phone.

So I luckily arranged to have the server of his website to reactivate it and my company will make no changes to it whatsoever as a tribute to my good friend Burt Lubitz hoping that someone will contact us if they have any information concerning this issue.

For surfers that knew Burt from Virginia, North Carolina, and/or Florida feel free to read his entire website; especially, the Surfing Section I think you will enjoy.

Burt was a very creative individual that was interested in so many things but Surfing was his main passion followed by downhill skiing and music of all twisted mind expanding genres.

Not a bad downhill skier either that loved downhill racing and before he moved to Hawaii he lived in Colorado for over 5 years.

The last project that he was working on was a Science Fiction Surf Film that he had written the entire script and had been filming parts of it in Virginia, North Carolina, and Hawaii.

Hopefully we get some good news or any news about our friend.

You are invited to visit Burton's Website below:


Early Days Surfrider Foundation of Virginia Chapter
Surfrider Foundation Virginia Chapter formed 1991