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May 1, 2019

Venues & Bands
Music News for Hampton Roads of Virginia and the Outer Banks, N. C.

757 Roxx Music TV News as of last week my company the Global Surf Network accepted an offered position for 757 Roxx Music TV as the new Producer for the show and the direction that I will work towards is to produce the very best Local Music Show viewed in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia and throughout the entire Outer Banks of North Carolina.

We are currently seeking with our
'GSN/757 Roxx Music TV Street Team venues in both areas that are serious about supporting the local music scene.

Have your band contact us at your earliest convenience.

We are investing time, energy, and money to support the local music scene in Virginia and North Carolina.

We will be offering shows to be filmed in Coffeehouses, Small Venues that support all genres of music, medium to large venues that are looking for professional shows even some National Acts are available and already want to work with us as are Quality Regional Acts.

Really Professional Bands from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida want to support our current and future plans that will be in support of both local music scenes.

Oh did I mention Festivals, yes, Festivals geared towards supporting the Local Music Scene designed; especially, for Local Musicians and Supported by Small Businesses such as Local Artists, Local Bands, Local Photographers Local Filmmakers, Local Authors, Local Surf & Skate Shops with a few National ones thrown into the mix.

Good undiscovered start up bands to Seasoned Great Ones.

It will be an interesting twisted journey for sure with many bends in the road but it will be professionally managed to expose and support the local music scene so as Producer of this 757 Roxx Music TV Local Music Scene Show I personally invite all musicians that are serious about helping us reach our goals and support local music to email GSN at your earliest convenience so that we can make arrangements to get your music on the show and considered for one of our planned events.

You will receive a followup email from us listing the items that 757 Roxx Music TV needs from you that will help us with promoting your band to old and new audiences.

You will receive an invitation for a one on one with your band to discuss your Mission & Goals so we can tailor make and produce a quality film and recording for you.

In the near future we will be holding a Private Business Meeting in Virginia & on the Outer Banks, N. C. and it will be professionally run including a Question & Answer period that we hope you can attend.
If you are interested in this type of meeting mention that you are in your email.

We will be treating all bands with respect and professionalism.

There will be absolutely no favoritism when it comes to choosing which bands are booked for our concerts & shows.

Our Mission & Goals are to support all genres and to help the entire spectrum of talent that resides in these areas.

We will work diligently to find old and new venues that have a quality atmosphere to showcase your creative talents.

So one way may I add that you as a musician can possibly support your craft and the local music scene is to share this with other musician friends, businesses, and venue owners.

Like I said our qualified professional street team will be working daily on behalf of the 'Local Music Scene' and all of the musicians that are an asset to its vibrant energy.

Also, anyone that isn't a musician but loves supporting the local music scene can surely feel free to send us an email and be put on a 757 Roxx Music TV special list as a Local Music Scene Supporter. Mention that in your email that you support local music and would be interested in being notified of our upcoming events and meetings.

The next concert that will be filmed will be taking place in Virginia Beach, Virginia including 5 bands Noon - 7:00 pm.
Sunday May 19, 2019.

For all those that read this message I appreciate your interest and time.

Also, Thank you for taking your time in reading this post and for sharing it with your friends.


Rob Beedie, GSN
Global Surf Network
(757) 633-7445
757 Roxx Music TV Producer

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